Marty Hall

Principal UX Designer | Oracle

I am a designer living in Seattle, Ballard to be more specific. I grew up in Ballard. Then I went to college in Stockton, California, where I spent a majority of my time at the pool playing water polo. After my undergrad I returned to Seattle and as long as you don't count the 8 months I lived on a sailboat as it traveled from Seattle to Baja Mexico this is where I've been.

In 2004 after three years as the website chair, I became president of the Seattle chapter of the AIGA. That year I also took a full-time position with Microsoft. In the spring of 2017 I joined Expedia Group where I worked as a Lead UX Designer. In January of 2021 I joined the startup Quiviq. In March of 2022 I joined Oracle as a Principal UX Designer. Over time I have come to realize that the best part of design is the people.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have:
Been invited to join a writer's crew by Smoe Nova;
Shared studio space with Terry Marks;
Collaborated with Ze Frank;
Co-presented with Liz Danzico;
Spoke at a conference planned by Roger Black;
Taken a class from Art Chantry;
Planned design conferences with Jen Lemmer (my wife), Mark Kaufman, and Paul Ingram;
Spent time at those conferences with Jakob Trollbäck, Jay Ryan, and Rama Hughes;
Traveled with Ashley Bright;
Watched countless films with Peter Morada;
Made copious Time for Taco runs with Chachi's Padillo;
And last but definitely not least,
working with talented teammates at Microsoft, Expedia, and Oracle.

These relationships have contributed significantly to the designer I am today.

Still want more check out my resume.


AIGA Seattle President

Summited Mt. Rainer

Sailed Seattle - Cabo

Goodwill Games staff (water polo)

Eagle Scout

Camp Parsons Staff

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