Marty Hall

Senior UX Designer | Expedia

I am a designer living in Seattle, Ballard to be more specific. I grew up in Ballard. Then I went to college in Stockton, California, where I spent a majority of my time at the pool playing water polo. After my undergrad I returned to Seattle and as long as you don't count the 8 months I lived on a sailboat as it traveled from Seattle to Baja Mexico this is where I've been.

In 2004 after three years as the website chair, I became president of the Seattle chapter of the AIGA. That year I also took a full-time position with Microsoft. In the spring of 2017 I took my current role as a Senior UX Designer at Expedia. Over time I have come to realize that any design work I create will eventually be redesigned, if not by myself then by someone else. This reality makes me cherish all the relationships I have made throughout my career.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have shared studio space with Terry Marks; collaborated with Ze Frank; co-presented with Liz Danzico; traveled with Ashley Bright; taken a class from Art Chantry; planned design conferences with my wife Jen Lemmer, Mark Kaufman, and Paul Ingram; drank an uncounted number of beverages with Jakob Trollbäck at those conferences; watched countless films with Peter Morada; and last but definitely not least having worked with an array of very talented teammates over the twelve years at Microsoft and most recently at Expedia.

These relationships have contributed significantly to the designer I am today.


Eagle Scout 86

Camp Parsons Staff 87, 88, 94

King's High Graduation 89

Goodwill Games staff (water polo) 90

BFA Graphic Design UOP 93

Summited Mt. Rainer 97

Sailed Seattle - Cabo 98, 99

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